CS:GO for Android

Today millions of people play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as it is one of the most popular online first-person shooters. Many of these users play through tablets and cell phones on the Android platform, so Valve developed the CS:GO application Read more…


It’s time to get your construction hat on because Super Mario Maker 2 is coming! The original Super Mario Maker first launched four years ago on the Wii U, and since then, players have experienced hundreds of thousands of user-created courses. With Super Mario Maker 2 on the way, let’s look at what’s on offer in Nintendo’s DIY Mario course creator!


Super Mario as a super hero

When you think of a superhero, does Super Mario ever come to mind? With his plumber uniform, he may not look like one, but he deserves some credit. London-based designer Rob Lafratta has made this association possible, by creating superhero and supervillain versions of him and his antagonist, Wario.


‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Review: A Journey To Remember

How do you make a 20-year-old video game series feel fresh? It’s a question that must regularly keep the creators of Mario –Nintendo’s EAD Tokyo –up at night. With our favorite ex-plumber already mastering go-karts, space exploration and, well, pretty much everything else in between, this mustachioed mascot has seemingly done it all before.


How ‘Super Mario 64’ Changed Games 20 Years Ago

Two decades ago, exploring a 3D world of polygons seemed like a far off fantasy. PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and contemporary PC games tried their best to make running through the third dimension work. While some experimental titles got close, gaming reached a major turning point in 1996 when Super Mario 64 launched with the Nintendo 64 and is arguably the best game that system ever saw (give or take a Legend of Zelda). After that June 23 worldwide release, no one would play games the same ever again.


‘Super Smash Bros’ At 20: The Oddball All-Star Brawl That Started It All

On January 21, 1999, Masahiro Sakurai’s Super Smash Bros. launched on the Nintendo 64. Although not as critically-acclaimed as some of the later installments in the series, Super Smash Bros. shocked the world when it took characters from several different franchises and put them together in, of all things, a fighting game. Anyone who had ever played Mario and wished that they could beat up Kirby had their wish granted in what had previously only been imagined in fever dreams.