When you think of a superhero, does Super Mario ever come to mind? With his plumber uniform, he may not look like one, but he deserves some credit. London-based designer Rob Lafratta has made this association possible, by creating superhero and supervillain versions of him and his antagonist, Wario.

Not all superheroes wear capes, but Super Mario has one now —whether dressed as Thor or cape-less heroes such as Spiderman, he still manages to look like a goody two-shoes. Although others have had fancy clothes all along, he just had his plumbing clothes when he was busy beating Bowser up!

The rivalry between Mario and Wario isn’t really that notorious in the game series, but this artist has really taken it to the next level: imagine Mario fighting Wario à la Batman versus the Joker? Neither did we. But thank to Lafratta’s work, we get to experience this funny plot twist for a few moments.

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